Since its establishment as a not-for-profit child care service provider, El Paso Child Carers Association has been continuously promoting its advocacy of strengthening the community-based child care and education in El Paso, Texas. By focusing on boosting children’s early development while meeting the individual needs of each family member, it enables this social advocacy through its wide range of programs and services. The association’s programs and services are focused on the following:

  • Providing high quality and affordable public child care and education services to the children of El Paso, which can be received by all families regardless of financial capacity
  • Coordinating with the Texas government for the research, analysis and implementation of child care and education social policies
  • Communicating with private sector regarding issues and initiatives relevant to community-based child care and education services, not limited to periodically circulating updates, information bulletins and media alerts
  • Extending its services such as providing professional trainings and workshops to other child care and education organizations in El Paso to support growth and sustainability in the child care and education industry

Through organizing engaging activities and initiating memorable campaigns in the city, El Paso Child Carers Association is committed to its mission of promoting its advocacy of improving the access and affordability of quality child care and education for all El Paso families. True to its vision of developing a society where every El Paso child receives quality child care and education services, it works with its core values of Care, Community, and Cooperation to achieve its goals. All members of El Paso Child Carers Association work hand in hand in making a difference in every child of El Paso. It is also actively working on expanding its base through inviting new members who are committed to be a part of this inspiring journey.