El Paso Child Carers Association is a not-for-profit, community-based child care and education service provider located in El Paso, Texas. The association delivers a wide range of programs and services which give the children of El Paso an access to high quality care and education. Its focus is to strengthen children’s early development while meeting each family’s individual needs. This association also believes in the importance of engaging parents in the child care process, assisting families with greater requirements, and working with the government on improving the quality of child care and education in the city. Aside from these services, it also seeks to spread its advocacy to the whole education and care sector by providing training and professional development programs to other child care centers in El Paso.

Vision and Mission

El Paso Child Carers Association envisions a society where every El Paso child receives quality child care and education services through its programs and services. The association’s mission is to promote its advocacy of strengthening a child’s early development with the support of private and public sectors in El Paso.

Core Values


El Paso Child Carers Association prioritizes the development of the children of El Paso to become strong and active members of the society. It also cares about the rights and differences in the capacity of each family in the programs and services it provides.

El Paso Child Carers Association, as a community-based organization, supports the whole child care and education industry in the city. By helping other organizations, it does not only seek growth but also sustainability in promoting its advocacy.


El Paso Child Carers Association builds meaningful partnerships with families, the government and the general public. By working together, it advocates a better future which supports the development of every child and every family in El Paso.