The European Cervical Cancer Association

The mission of the ECCA is to raise awareness of cervical cancer and its prevention among members of the general public, healthcare professionals and public health decision-makers in Europe.

The ECCA is a large network of organisations and individuals from across Europe that have joined forces to prepare and distribute evidence-based information on the causes of cervical cancer and the importance of organised cervical cancer prevention programmes in the prevention of this disease. At present, the membership of the ECCA exceeds 120 institutional members (cancer societies, medical associations, research organisations and patient groups) from 34 countries together with more than 5000 individual members from 40 countries.

All of the ECCA’s educational materials are developed using a modified Delphi process in which the institutional members are regularly consulted throughout the process with the materials being redrafted and re-circulated until consensus is achieved. Then, the materials are adapted to medical practice in each country by national experts and they are translated into the national language(s). In this way, the ECCA can draw upon the unprecedented level of knowledge covering all aspects of cervical cancer and its prevention that is available through the membership to achieve consensus agreed educational materials that are still appropriate for the screening and medical practice of each country.