The Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (CCPW) 2017

A variety of materials have been prepared to support your actions for the CCPW 2017:

  1. Summary of the CCPW 2017 <BA> <DE> <ES> <FR> <GE> <HR> <IT> <MD> <PL> <RO> <RS> <UA> <UK>
  2. Key Messages About Cervical Cancer Prevention <BA> <DE> <ES> <FR> <GE> <HR> <IT> <MD> <PL> <RO> <RS> <UK>
  3. Summary of the Pearl of Wisdom Campaign <BA> <DE> <FR> <GE> <HR> <IT> <MD> <PL> <RO> <RS> <UK>
  4. CCPW 2017 Logo (FB) <BA> <DE> <ES> <FR> <GE> <HR> <IT> <MD> <MK> <PL> <RO> <RS> <UK>
  5. CCPW 2017 Logo (print) <BA> <DE> <FR> <GE> <HR> <IT> <MD> <MK> <PL> <RO> <RS> <UK>
  6. Pearl of Wisdom Logo (web)
  7. Pearl of Wisdom Logo (print)
  8. Pearl of Wisdom on Swirls Logo (web)
  9. Pearl of Wisdom on Swirls Logo (print)
  10. European Parliament Resolution on Combating Cancer 2008
  11. ECDC Guidance on HPV Vaccination 2012