Learn How to Do an Infant Massage

There are many relaxing massages provided by best infrared sauna consumer reports and one of these is the infant massage. This is a soft, light, and subtle massage given to infants to toddlers. There are many benefits that your little ones can get from an infant massage.

It will help your baby relax and feel comfortable so that she or he can have a good and long sleep. It also controls and reduces crying since it has a positive effect on the baby’s hormones which can reduce stress.

Moreover, infant massage promotes connection and interaction between the person giving the massage and the baby. This is why this is being taught to mothers so that they can create an instant connection with their babies.

It is easy to perform infant massage. The most important thing that you should remember is that the massage should be light so that the baby will not get hurt or injured. Here are ways to do an infant massage.

Choose a calm and quiet place

The area where the baby is should always be calm, quiet, and peaceful. The place has an effect on the mood of the baby. If there is too much noise, then the baby will not feel at ease and will not be comfortable during the massage.

Touch control

For infants, give a less firm touch. As they grow, use a firmer touch on your massage. Do not tickle the baby as he or she might easily get irritated with your touch. Just make sure that your touch will not hurt the baby.

Use slow strokes

Keep in mind that you are massaging a fragile child. It is important that your movements are slow and soft so that the baby will feel comfortable and don’t feel any pain. Do slow strokes and subtle kneading. This will help calm the baby and feel the heat from your palm.

Keep the baby relaxed

You can sing to the baby or maybe talk to him or her. Hearing your voice will help calm the baby down knowing that he or she has company.

Assess the baby’s reaction

If the baby is happy or getting sleepy, then you are doing a great job with the infant massage. A baby will react according to how he or she is feeling. Make sure that you understand infant body language.

Some moms use oil or lotion when giving these relaxing massages. However, it is better to ask your pediatrician first to know if the product is safe for the baby. Also, if the baby has health issues, it will be safer to ask the doctor if an infant massage will be good for the baby’s condition.

Giving a massage to babies to toddlers help them calm down but most importantly, it helps the baby feel the affection and love that the mother has for them. It will be a good way of communication between the mother and baby. Learning the right strokes to do infant massage is vital for any mother.

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