Reasons Why It is Important for Your Child to Learn How to Swim

As a parent, it is only normal to wonder if Swimming lesson Singapore has many benefits for your child. Well, swimming is an effective survival tool that can be taught to children as early as 8 weeks old. Enrolling your child for swimming lessons comes with numerous benefits. Here are the reasons why it is vital for your child to know how to swim.

1.         To Learn Lifetime Skill

Swimming is a lifelong skill that your child can carry on to adulthood. Basically, the earlier your child knows how to swim the better. Unlike adults, kids are very quick to learn new skills and this valuable skill can help enhance their quality of life when they get older. It can aid in boosting mood and decreasing disability for older adults.

2.         Great Workout

Apart from being a great surviving tool for children, swimming is also a great cardio workout that involves numerous muscle groups. It can help with weight loss especially in children dealing with obesity issues. This is because it provides more resistance training and is a great way for your kid to stay fit.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, swimming has many health benefits including improving mental health and joints. It also helps deal with chronic diseases. Additionally, it is a great relaxation activity as it releases endorphins to keep children happy.

3.         They Learn About Water Safety

When your child is in and around water, it will be easier for them to learn about water safety. As they learn how to swim, they also learn how to stay safe in the pool. This involves how to take proper breath controls, rollovers to breathe when tired and more. This will significantly help to reduce the number of drowning in children and will keep you at peace when your child is around water.

4.         Teamwork is Learned

Just like any other sport, swimming teaches your child the value of teamwork that will help them in the future. During swimming lessons, your child will socialize with other children in the program and from this; they will learn how to support their teammates and work together.

Along with enhancing the value of teamwork, swimming also gives children the opportunity to learn and acquire the value of individuality where they set their own goals and strive to achieve them. This calls for discipline, dedication, and self-motivation which will set them up for a successful life.

5.         Builds Confidence

If your child is dealing with self-esteem issues, swimming would be a great way to help them build their confidence. Swimming lessons come with challenges that push to believe in their abilities and become self-confident. Also, swimming provides a platform for your child to socialize with other children and this can help improve their self-esteem.

6.         Enhances Time management Skill

We are all aware that competitive swimming involves working towards the goal and beating the set time. Hence, in order for a swimmer to stay on top and complete on time, they need to have good time management skills. Swimming will undoubtedly help your child attain this valuable skill at an early age and it will help them as they get older. Not only will they know how to manage their time, but they will also learn how to prioritize the important things first.


Swimming is a fun activity that children of all ages can take part in. It comes with numerous health and social benefits that will set up your child for life skills and open up opportunities to partake in other valuable activities in life.

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