What Made These Two Families Turn to Cannabis to treat their Kid’s Autism?

CBD-based products are becoming a hit in the pharmaceutical world. From painkillers to skin disease remedies, best CBD oil for pain has not stopped in bringing its benefits to people who have taken advantage of it but how about neurological diseases and syndromes like autism?

These two families have shared their own stories about how they turned to CBD products to treat their children’s autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

What is cannabidiol (CBD)?

Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is one of the hundred known cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. This is usually recognized alongside THC but the former has lesser psychoactive properties compared to the latter. Nonetheless, doctors and medical researchers have noticed the partnership of the two cannabinoid components to fight seizures and lessen symptoms brought by autism.

How did these two families start using CBD?

The Andersons and the Weathermans have started using CBD oil, and other CBD products, to treat their children’s autism when their kid was around 7 or 8 years old. They have tried all prescriptions for their child’s condition but left them with the worse conditions. Their children had become totally hyperactive, they can’t seem to compose themselves, and they have a hard time controlling their tempers in the morning and before they sleep.

These worsening conditions had made these families turn to CBD products, especially CBD oil, to control their autistic child’s activity. While they were as skeptical as those who haven’t tried it, they have immediately seen results when they administered the product to their child. Currently, they are still using the product in order to control their child’s seizures, hyperactivity, and other symptoms of autism.

Connections between CBD and ASD

While CBD is a lesser psychoactive cannabinoid substance compared to THC, some pharmaceutical companies manufacturing CBD products infuse THC. In the case of the two families, the Andersons use the THC-infused CBD oil while the Weathermans use the THC-free cannabidiol product. Regardless of the infusion, these two families, alongside a growing number of families in the US have attested to the therapeutic effects of CBD to children with ASD, including the relief from seizures and epilepsies, hyper activities, and uncontrollable moods.

Growing Number of Parents Trusting CBD products to Treat Autism

As much as most doctors, especially the American Association of Pediatricians, do not seem to believe yet in the benefits of CBD to children with autism, most parents who have used the product found it very beneficial to them in controlling their child’s autistic activities, especially when they are at their peak. The growing number of families trusting CBD products in its therapeutic properties to ASD, and other neurological illnesses, is something to look upon, especially with CBD being used in children.

Is it really the cure to ASD?

There is no guarantee yet from any medical professional, especially doctors, that CBD is the “miracle drug” towards curing neurological disorders. While testimonies have claimed such cure and relief, the doctors continually urge the public to take medical advice seriously and always consult a doctor before using any drug to cure physical illnesses.

Researches about CBD and its therapeutic properties are still in progress. As there are a lot of states with certain regulations on the use of cannabinoids and cannabinoid-derived products, researchers are looking towards broadening the study on how CBD really works in controlling ASD to validate the claims of those who have used it to control the said neurological condition.

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