5 Humidifiers You Can Buy For Your Baby

The main culprits of runny noses or coughing in babies are airborne pathogens that irritate respiratory systems. That’s why it’s important to ensure that the air around the house is completely clean so that your child won’t get sick. As per these useful reference, humidifiers were built for the purpose of shielding the environment from these pathogens. With a good humidifier in the house, you can lessen the chances of your baby getting the sniffles.

Here are 5 humidifiers that we think are very effective for babies:

Vicks UV Germ Free Humidifier

This is a great humidifier for preventing allergies. What it does is that it kills all bacteria, spores, and molds in the air. It makes use of both a steam vapor and an ultraviolet light to do so. With this kind of humidifier, you don’t need to worry about your baby developing allergies and such.

Anypro Ultrasonic Humidifier

If the air is a little bit too dry, then the Anypro Ultrasonic Humidifier can aid in that. By leaving this humidifier on overnight, you can moisturize the air with a mist, therefore cooling the air in the environment. This type of air cooling process has an antibacterial effect that kills any harmful pathogens that are airborne. It is also a very safe appliance that doesn’t heat up since it uses ultrasonic tech.

Taotonics Humidifier

This is the ideal humidifier to have if ever your room is big. As compared to other humidifiers, this one has a four liter tank. This four liter tank has the capacity to cleanse your room for 30 hours continuously. With this kind of capacity, it can handle even really big rooms without any trouble.

Vicks Filter Free Humidifier

The beauty of this product is that you can use it with a Vicks Scent Pad. Not only will the mist clean the air but it will also fill the place with menthol or lavender scent. The benefit of this scent is that it soothes down your baby and also cleanses their respiratory systems. The menthol scent can also mask any other smell in the room that may disturb your baby’s sleep.

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

Last on the list is the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier. If you’re looking for a warm air humidifier, then this is the one that we’d most likely recommend. Because of the efficient heating process of this humidifier, any bacteria in the air can be killed even before the mist reaches the air. It is also generally cleaner than regular humidifiers. You don’t need to worry about any dirt clogging the inside of the appliance.


When you have a baby, it’s very important that you have a humidifier in the room so that you can ensure the air is clean. Babies are extremely sensitive to dirt and spores that plague the air. They can even get sick because of them. As parents, it’s really important that you guard them against these unwanted substances. The best way to do that is to buy a humidifier. These 5 choices are some of the best you can choose from.

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