The Answered Question: Can CBD Help Your Child?

When conventional treatments are not improving the health of a child, parents move to alternative medications like CBD oil online. In the modern world, CBD products form the list of alternative medicines used in the treatment of various ailments in children. Conditions managed using CBD products include anxiety, sleep disorders, epilepsy, ADHD, pain management, and many more. CBD is a product of cannabis. Unlike marijuana though, it does not contain THC, which makes a user high and addicted.

Opinion of researchers

CBD products have become one of the most popular products bought over the counter by parents. Most of these parents report that their children significantly improve after taking this medication. However, medical professionals have reported that research on CBD products has not been extensive, and little is known on their benefits and risks.

Experts warn that, although CBD oil has benefits on the health of your children, they also have potential effects such as fatigue, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and interactions with other medicines. Despite these facts, most parents assume that the CBD products are natural because they are derived from plants and thus do not have adverse effects.

Moreover, most of the CBD products are unregulated and may not contain what is indicated on the label. On the contrary, they might contain harmful elements such as THC that leads to addiction.

Studies on Epidiolex approved by FDA in 2018 showed that it was effective in the treatment of epilepsy, making it the first CBD drug to be approved.

CBD in treating Seizures

Parents have reported that CBD has assisted their children in treating seizures. They claim that episodes of seizures are significantly reduced. Doctors specialising in the management of seizures have agreed that CBD can dramatically reduce seizures; however, they have pointed out that there are different types of seizures. While CBD is effective for some types of seizures; it may not have any effect for other types of seizures.

CBD in Treating Autism

Some parents say that CBD has assisted their children who have autism. However, they acknowledge that sometimes you have to try several brands before finding the most suitable. Research using animal models has indicated that CBD has effects on animals. However, they are yet to establish whether the same effects can be seen in humans. Doctors have reported that CBD could have serious side effects on the children, but specific effects have not been discovered.

CBD in Treating ADHD

According to parents who have given their children CBD oil, they have reported recovery from ADHD marked by improved concentration and memory. Nevertheless, while most parents have reported improvement, some indicate that they have not seen any improvement despite using CBD products that are relatively expensive. Research has shown that CBD has the ability to reduce the anxiety that is a major symptom of ADHD; however, doctors rarely prescribe CBD for ADHD.

Warnings and risk considerations

  • Always consult a doctor before giving your child CBD.
  • Always observe your child for possible side effects.
  • Buy reputable CBD oil and if possible go for FDA approved CBD products.
  • Start with a low dose and slowly increase as the child get used to the product.
  • Store safely away from children just like any other medicine.


While CBD oil is known to many parents as an effective treatment method for various illnesses like ADHD, Autism, or seizures. It does pay to do your homework about the subject so that you’ll know its effects, considerations, and experiences of other users.

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