Qualities of an Effective Preschool Teacher

Are you not having a great time teaching kids? Are you feeling that this job is not the right cut for you? If so, you will not need to go out finding home improvement pros to help you as we have some tips to guide you along the way.


The goal of every teacher is to educate. However, as you’re teaching kids, you need to be engaging. Often, we would want to emphasize on teaching kids the most essential things they need to learn such as basic arithmetic, science, grammar, and the like. Though presenting facts is necessary, oftentimes, kids may not have the attention span to handle a lot of information. They might not even keep enough of an interest to commit these lessons to memory.

So, the first thing to do is to provide fun activities for the kids to try out. These activities create an ideal environment for learning. Small trips around the school or nearby gardens can teach them more about the outside world and nature than books can, provided that they are able to evaluate their experiences and express themselves fully. These trips can motivate the kids to respond better in class.  Games, on the other hand, encourages teamwork and critical thinking. So, you’re encouraged to give them breaks and little games from time to time.

However, what is most important for these activities is that they help you, the teacher, enjoy the job of teaching children and engage on their level as well.


Teachers must be equipped with the patience to handle the energy of children. You must at least not show them how tired you are. At the same time, you must be considerate when it comes to your approach. Crack jokes from once in a while and give them a good time while also bearing with their impulses.

You might encounter kids who cry a lot or those who tend to bully and intimidate others. Be the conflict resolver in every situation. If kids try too hard not to listen to you whenever you tell them to stop messing around in the room, find an approach that appeals to them or is appropriate to the situation.

Learn when to be stern but not to be too frustrated that kids might not respond to you even more. Give authority when needed but never take away their enjoyment away.

Creative and Flexible

The most important tip has to be all about preparing for class. Naturally, teachers need to have lesson plans ahead of time and craft strategies to get the students’ attention. However, it would be better to give lessons a bit of flexibility. For example, many of your kids might not be in the mood for a long lesson. So, try mixing in games and brain teasers that can excite their minds. Be creative with every lesson. As much as possible, do not give them the same kind of class lessons over and over. Be unpredictable. Students will surely enjoy that.

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