How to Prepare Your Child for a Surgery

Any surgery done on a patient under the age of 18 is called a pediatric surgery. While the meaning of the word is simple, the truth is that it’s hard for a child to undergo surgery, may it be plastic surgery, bone surgery, or any kind of surgery. As per a post on Instagram by Dr Michael Zacharia, it is quite challenging for them since there are questions that the children will ask them that they can’t explain or may not know how to tell it.

As parents, spend the time to know the kind of treatment your child needs, why he needs it, and what other suggestive treatments may be applicable.

Take note that having a good preparation can let the child feel less afraid about the anesthesia or surgery. This allows the healing process to speed up right after the surgery. However, just like any other parent, you’re likely to be doubtful about the ways to prepare your child for surgery.

That said, here are the things that can help you prepare your child for surgery:

Be Honest

In an effort to reassure your child, you may be inclined to tell things that are misleading; however, the truth is that it’s okay to be open to them. Tell them why they need to go to the hospital for surgery in words that they could easily understand. If something is going to hurt, tell them. Point out that even though it’s going to hurt, the doctors and nurses there will do everything they can to make the surgery comfortable.

Encourage Discussion and Questions

Explain to your child on what he or she could expect after the surgery. Strike up a conversation and ask your child if he/she has something to ask or something that is unclear. Through this, you could clear up any misunderstandings that may arise.

Affirm Your Child’s Feelings

Kids may be scared, angry, sad, or a mix of those feelings. Don’t tell your kids that what they feel is inappropriate. Tell them that whatever he’s feeling is normal; however, if they’re mad, make sure they channel their anger accordingly.

Be Available

Give your kids reassurance, may it be physical or emotional. Hold your child’s hand in every test or procedure without restraining him. Give your child hugs especially in times when he is suffering from insurmountable pain. Be with your child whenever possible. When you can’t be there, seek other family members to fill in for you.

Be Patient

When someone undergoes surgery, he can be less behaved than usual. Kids may fuss, cry, or give out tantrums. Tell your child that you will be there throughout the surgery. Take note that this behavior he is exhibiting will pass away after the surgery.

Take Care of Yourself

Don’t stress yourself too much. Whenever possible, ask for help from your family or close friends so that you could also rest for a while. Don’t forget to eat and get enough sleep.


Having your child undergo surgery can be quite a stressful event. However, by knowing what to do right before the operation even begins, you’ll be able to prepare not just your child but yourself as well.

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