El Paso Child Carers Association is a not-for-profit, community-based child care and education service provider located in El Paso, Texas. The association delivers a wide range of programs and services which give the children of El Paso an access to high quality care and education. Its focus is to strengthen children’s early development while meeting each family’s individual needs.


Since its establishment as a not-for-profit child care service provider, El Paso Child Carers Association has been continuously promoting its advocacy of strengthening the community-based child care and education in El Paso, Texas.


Every child in El Paso needs someone like you! Make a difference in your community by becoming a member of the El Paso Child Carers Association. If you want to show the children of El Paso that you care about them, don’t hesitate and join us.

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School Nutrition and Child

The Vital Link Between School Nutrition and Child’s Learning Ability

We all know that proper food intake is essential for every child's academic performance. Even Walnut Crossfit experts said that the school's cafeteria does not provide the right nutritious food; the most common foodstuffs available are mostly loaded with caffeine, chemicals, high-sodium, and high-sugar contents. These eatables made the children out-of-focus, sick, jittery, and easily tired. And inevitably hinder the kid's learning abilities and affects their mood and behavior. Scientific Links Between School Nutrition and Child's Learning Ability Researchers Shari Rosen and Margaret Lahey revealed that malnourished kids have lots of problems with psychosocial behavior, health, and academic learning. Researcher ...
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Educate Your Kids on Cannabis

How to Educate Your Kids on Cannabis

With the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada and its prominence in media such as television, advertisement, and the internet, Experts like TopShelfBC.com are bound to find out about the psychoactive drug. This happens mostly to more inquisitive and observative kids than most of those in their age group. Children will want to know more about cannabis out of natural curiosity, and as a parent, it is imperative that you inform your kids in a favorable manner. In today’s day and age, it is crucial to provide awareness to the youth to avoid any regrettable circumstances in the long run ...
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Child During Tests Preparation

How To Assist Your Child During Tests Preparation

Homework is given to children at an early age from preschool same as the best MCAT prep book. They need special attention so that their study habits are improved as they grow up. Do not be like some parents and guardians who take action upon seeing poor grades. The following tips will help your child when Preparing For Exams. Inspire consistency Inspire your child to study regularly so as to avoid rushing at the last minute. Early preparation helps to grasp the content and a child will answer questions easily. Passing a test requires practice over some time. A studying ...
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Lose Weight

4 Things That Will Help Your Child To Lose Weight

In this modern world, the number of children with obesity has increased enormously. Many people ask the same question like Are you looking for natural fat burner? This condition affects the child socially, emotionally, and even psychologically. If this health crisis is not managed at the early stages, most children transition into adulthood with it. Obesity prevention is also important when dealing with Weight Loss for Women. The most common health issues associated with obesity include heart problems and diabetes, especially type 2. The following things will help your child to lose weight and embrace a healthy life.
Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) in Children

Defining Tennis Elbow Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow happens when the tendons joining the outside part of the elbow and the muscles of the forearm get damaged or inflamed. You must  read what this guy has to say regarding the choices of treatment for tennis elbow pain because this is very painful and is caused by abuse or repeated use of the muscles. Understanding Its Underlying Cause Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow is uncommon among teens or children. Individuals who likely have this are adults who are aged 30 to 50. It is typically triggered by tedious activities that involve ...
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Your Child’s School Performance

CBD: The Chemical to Improve Your Child’s School Performance

Any parent will want to see their children perform well in school. Fortunately, according to studies, CBD can help turn around your kid’s performance. In this article same as organic CBD oil for dogs does for dogs, we’ll help you know how this can be achieved.  If your child has been recording poor grades, you might have been running up and down trying to find out what the problem could be and how you can help solve it. What is CBD (Cannabidiol)? CBD is a chemical commonly found in the famous marijuana. However, it is not similar to the weed ...
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How to Set the Right Expectations for Children

How to Set the Right Expectations for Children

Setting high expectations has sparked a debate among parents. Some think that high expectations can cause detrimental effects to children. However, one study in Harvard shows better performance results from higher expectations in school. Children can also strive in sports or any activity that show progression.  There are ways to set high but right expectations for kids. Make clear expectations Children need to know what exactly their parents’ hope for them. For instance, a young girl thought her parents wanted her to be a lawyer. She believed that she caused disappointment to them when she chose another field. However, her ...
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