El Paso Child Carers Association is a not-for-profit, community-based child care and education service provider located in El Paso, Texas. The association delivers a wide range of programs and services which give the children of El Paso an access to high quality care and education. Its focus is to strengthen children’s early development while meeting each family’s individual needs.


Since its establishment as a not-for-profit child care service provider, El Paso Child Carers Association has been continuously promoting its advocacy of strengthening the community-based child care and education in El Paso, Texas.


Every child in El Paso needs someone like you! Make a difference in your community by becoming a member of the El Paso Child Carers Association. If you want to show the children of El Paso that you care about them, don’t hesitate and join us.

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CBD Safe For Use By Children

Is CBD Safe For Use By Children?

Cannabidiol, which is abbreviated as cbd gummies for sleep, is an essential substance extracted from marijuana and hemp plants. It contains useful medicinal components and properties ideal for treating various health conditions in children. CBD comes in different forms, including liquids and chewable gummies. Ordinarily, CBD is used without a prescription although Epidiolex, a medicine made from CBD oil, comes with a doctor’s prescription. Epidiolex is mostly prescribed for two forms of epilepsy, namely; Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut. Commercially made CBD can be used by parents to control conditions like autism, anxiety, and hyperactivity in their kids. What CBD Oil ...
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Infrared Sauna

Learn How to Do an Infant Massage

There are many relaxing massages provided by best infrared sauna consumer reports and one of these is the infant massage. This is a soft, light, and subtle massage given to infants to toddlers. There are many benefits that your little ones can get from an infant massage. It will help your baby relax and feel comfortable so that she or he can have a good and long sleep. It also controls and reduces crying since it has a positive effect on the baby’s hormones which can reduce stress. Moreover, infant massage promotes connection and interaction between the person giving the ...
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Couples’ Therapists

Tips on Marriage and Kids from Couples’ Therapists

Two of the biggest changes a person will go through in life are marriage counseling and parenthood. However, the road will not always be smooth, no matter how beautiful it is. Marriage alone is already a huge change, and throwing kids into the mix is enough to overwhelm anyone.  But hey, nothing worth having ever comes easy, right? You just need some tips to better handle your very active life both as spouses and parents. 1. Be Prepared for Changes According to Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman and Dr. L. Gordon Brewer, Jr., having kids will change the routines couples have ...
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The Evidence of CBD Oil’s Effectiveness

With the rise of Zilis CBD oil products, many are wondering if they’re safe for kids to consume. CBD oil products are everywhere, and many have attested that they can treat several health problems like anxiety, seizures, and even cancer. What is CBD Oil? Many doubt CBD oil regardless of the numerous affirmations of its benefits. After all, it is extracted from a cannabis or marijuana plant. Although it is derived from cannabis, CBD oil does not contain a considerable amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Thus, users won’t get “high” upon consumption since it’s not addictive nor can it impair their ...
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Activity for Kids

Writing Product Reviews: An Exciting Activity for Kids

Want to have fun and teach your children at the same time? Try writing best amazon reviews! While it may be an unorthodox way to have fun, writing product reviews can help your kids develop better writing skills and prepare them for essays and research papers in the future. The best thing about it, however, is finding online product reviews that they wrote. Reviewing different products can be good training for their critical thinking and writing skills. They need to be familiar with the items that they will be reviewing, and they also have to make their reviews credible. Here ...
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Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Children with Autism

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Children with Autism

Autism, a developmental disorder caused by a mix of genetic mutation and environmental factors, is characterized by features that make it hard for those living with it and their loved ones. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the condition. However, over the years, some approaches to control the disorder have been employed. Nevertheless, the methods pose varying undesirable side effects. The good news is that although there are no extensive research findings, CBD Oil has proven to give positive effects to people. So Buy CBD oil and test it out as there are no side effect of that. Understanding CBD ...
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How to Set the Right Expectations for Children

How to Set the Right Expectations for Children

Setting high expectations has sparked a debate among parents. Some think that high expectations can cause detrimental effects to children. However, one study in Harvard shows better performance results from higher expectations in school. Children can also strive in sports or any activity that show progression.  There are ways to set high but right expectations for kids. Make clear expectations Children need to know what exactly their parents’ hope for them. For instance, a young girl thought her parents wanted her to be a lawyer. She believed that she caused disappointment to them when she chose another field. However, her ...
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